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Client Story | Credit Union 1

Credit Union 1

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Client Stories

July 2020 – In 2017, then president of Credit Union 1 received results of an employee engagement survey. This caused many sleepless nights. Could it be true that half of the employees are disengaged? How many of them, through their actions, might be sabotaging the organization? Something had to be done and done fast. That’s when Credit Union 1 partnered with Center for Practical Management to invest in coaching and people development that would lead to real and lasting change.

Leadership Development was focused on effective performance management and for emerging leaders to enhance their communication skills and create a culture of accountability

Relationship Management equipped client-facing staff with practical tools and frequent role playing to increase their confidence to deepen member relationships in every interaction

Service Excellence set the stage for exceeding service expectations to internal members

Executive Planning Sessions resulted in brainstorming sessions (Shark Tank) and strategic planning activities (StrengthsFinder) to support the credit union’s vision, mission and values

Mentoring Program Development provided guidelines for a mentorship program that matters. It created access to talent across the organization; helping team members grow skills and develop a career path

Facilitation Skills Training for New Employee Onboarding allowed Credit Union 1 to “own” the development of new employees going forward, creating consistency across the organization

“We quickly (and daily) saw the results of Practical Management training in our organization.”

“Managers were excited to use the tools we were provided; they were one page, customized for us and allowed us to put theory from the classroom into action with our teams.”

“The development of our core values – Be Great, Be Engaged, Be Open, Be Nice – was facilitated by Practical Management. It became, for our organization, more than just a slogan but rather a driving force. How we hire, who we hire, why we train, what we expect from our team members and the way we coach to performance each day are now inspired by these values.”

Over the three years of the engagement, both managers and staff have benefited from skill development programs. Every single employee in the organization received the opportunity to learn and grow by participating in engagement workshop sessions, reinforcement activities, and the use of customized tools. These programs included:

  • Leadership Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Service Excellence

Credit Union 1 is headquartered in Lombard, IL, offers 17 full-service branches and provides an average of $250 in individual member savings per year.

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