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Refocusing on Customer Appreciation

by | Jul 19, 2021 | News Release

The most important training activity right now in successful retail teams is customer appreciation. Most retail industries are showing a dip service scores by customers who are growing impatient with the slow ramp up to exceptional customer experience following the pandemic year.
We want to encourage retail managers to embrace this opportunity to create renewed energy and enthusiasm around refocusing on customer needs and how to make them feel appreciated.

First, you are no doubt in a hiring phase. Over 80-90% of companies say they are reshaping their staff due to lost workers and the rapid increase in consumer demand. Finding good candidates to join your team is vital to your continued success.
Dialogue-focused interviews will help explore the candidate’s ability to communicate. Consider questions that seek candidates’ values, traits, and motives. By asking them to communicate what they value and what motivates them, you can observe their interpersonal skills. Examples:

  • When asking about knowledge & skills, prompt them to tell you about someone they learned the most from? Ask them to tell you about a training activity they valued during a former employment.
  • It is equally valuable to ask about their experience with performance measurables, namely actions and results. Ask a candidate to tell you about a challenging or unique performance goal they were given, and what they did to meet the challenge and deliver.

Second, the best coaches commit to reinforcing the foundation of communication as a balance of listening and speaking. When we attentively listen, we commit to two things: i) ensuring to hear and understand what the other person is saying, and ii) responding accurately and appropriately (also known as clarifying).
While role plays offer one team training activity, asking employees to personally observe and take notes on service conversations in their everyday lives is another. Regroup the team to share and discuss their observations. What did he or she learn from the interaction they observed?

Listening skills often play a far bigger role than speaking to sell. Employees who talk too much, especially about themselves, can actually sabotage the success of a sales and service conversation.    

Staff training and development should always feature consistent reinforcement that teaches how to keep the focus on customers.

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