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Inclusive Conversations Build Stronger Teams

by | Dec 14, 2021 | News Release

Companies with inclusive cultures have an eight-fold likelihood of better business results, according to published works from Deloitte Insights. Take a moment and think about the impact of 8X to your performance and or productivity next year.

Are you ready to make commitments around diversity and inclusion conversations in the workplace yet?

The principles of diversity and inclusion become clear if and when our individual interpretations and preconceptions are peeled back. Simply put, the starting point for initiating this type of culture change is to embrace and teach managers to uphold these two concepts in your workplace:

  • Inclusive conversations refer to highly specific dialogue that fosters respect for a diversity of people in a work group, in a supplier group, in a customer group.
  • Diversity of people refers to far more than race or ethnicity, including social and culture differences, gender and sexual orientation differences, age and disabilities, etc.

The number one misconception most leaders hold around diversity and inclusion is that it is confined to a compliance issue for human resources teams. Senior leadership should never lose sight of how best practices for diversity and inclusion principles will product valued and productive employees who will strive for peak performance. 

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