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The Confidence to Communicate Well

by | Apr 13, 2021 | News Release

If the road to success in every human interaction is good communication, the potential for breakdown is poor communication. A 2019 survey by Project.co has reported that 8 of 10 people will rate their communication skills as average or poor. What if crossing the bridge from poor communication to good communication could be made easier?

Communication skills can be taught. More importantly, developing these skills can profoundly impact both work and personal life. The key is asking high-gain questions. A high-gain question is one that makes the other person think, and share. Quite simply, it is not answerable with yes or no. It is the difference between ‘did you have a nice weekend?’ and ‘how did you spend your weekend?’?

In the workplace, managers have a responsibility to build employees’ skills and confidence around communication. One interactive development activity, after introducing the concept of high-gain questions, is to ask employees to listen and make note of yes-no questions in all relationship interactions for a week. Discuss observations from this activity at the next team meeting, especially focusing on service-related interactions.?

Another Team Development Activity: Present these yes-no questions for repositioning as high-gain questions.
1. Is there anything else I can do for you?
2. Do you know about our current offer?
3. Were you satisfied with my service today??

Communication skill development helps ensure that employees will engage in positive and productive conversations that build relationships. Relationships help drive more product sales, plus referrals.?

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