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Our Principles

When it comes to maximizing productivity, there are no silver bullets. It requires discipline and accountability.

The Practical Management System™ is based on four fundamental principles. The absence of these principles minimizes results. The integration of these principles maximizes individual productivity and organizational performance. Practical Management consultants ensure that your managers understand and adhere to these principles.

Performance Principles

  • Individual behaviors and activities are the foundation of organizational performance
  • High performance requires a disciplined set of clearly communicated behaviors specific to each management and work group position
  • A system of accountability must ensure that managers and employees use expected behaviors and activities with consistency and without fail
  • Skill development efforts must be reinforced in a systematic manner to ensure retention and refinement of critical management and job-related behaviors
“It has been inspiring to observe team meetings and coaching sessions…to see people clearly understanding the vision and their practical role in making it happen. There’s a consistency of manager behavior that simply wasn’t there before.”
EVP – Quality Assurance