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Rebuilding Customer Confidence Post-Pandemic

by | Sep 1, 2020 | News Release

In the months since the health crisis shuttered the country and the world, business leaders faced unimaginable service challenges to keep their operations open when physical doors were forced closed. This called for clear thinking and operational creativity, especially for those businesses providing ‘essential’ services.

With service continuity well established, the hard work has only just begun. 
The customer mood is shifting. Customer confidence is low. Impatience and frustration are high. Customers are feeling the angst over service limitations and compromises, which they feel forced to accept. Will their patience expire? Is their loyalty at risk?

Meanwhile, your competitors are busy planning ways to meet their needs. Absolutely nothing could be more important right now than renewing your commitment to service quality and customer experience.

We offer business leaders the following three service-centric tactics to begin the process to re-prioritize commitments to customer experience:

  • The first is called Care Queries. Employees on the front lines of call centers, drive-up services and even limited in-branch locations should be trained to ask at least one service query, and to relay customer comments to management; i.e., ‘I hope you know we care about you! We’re asking customers if there is one thing, one need, one suggestion that would ensure we keep your trust in us through this time?’
  • The second is Electronic Scorecards. It goes without saying, service quality is going to need new definition, new priorities and new delivery mechanisms in 2021. Scorecards are a type of development insight that seeks to know whether you’re getting it right, getting it wrong or getting into trouble. Scoring your digital experience, uniquely from your branch experience, delivers channel-based discoveries.
  • The third is Virtual Focus Groups. If your customer insights efforts, to date, have never used focus groups, now is certainly the most video-conference friendly time to attract customer participation. Best of all, development of focus group research can be highly customized to your business needs and priorities. Virtual focus groups present endless possibilities for collecting customer insights.

Qualitative research has never been more relevant and valuable to business leaders. Center for Practical Management can help with custom development solutions aimed at helping leaders achieve alignment to new customer-experience priorities.

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