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Measuring Up to Employee Expectations

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Engage CPM

When employees say they want opportunities for development and advancement, they have very specific things in mind. They want quality training and career growth. How do you think you measure up?

While employee surveys provide feedback in the form of overall scoring, organizations may also want to compare this employee feedback with an organizational self-assessment. Assessing your organization’s learning and development programs allows you to identify any gaps and opportunities, along with validating what employees are telling you.

Successful organizations seek a balance of resources and commitment within four key areas of learning and development. Taking this quad-view approach helps ensure that employees experience your genuine desire to provide opportunities for individual development and advancement. 

  • Familia – Most organizations have a sound and solid foundation for communicating their mission, vision and purpose. Often limited to an employee handbook with policies and procedures, Familia materials should also include training on communication and branding.
  • Functional – Choosing a scope for Functional programming depends on the size of your organization, and employee attrition. You’ll want to ensure skills training is available for each job type, plus product knowledge training for sales roles.
  • Relational – All organizations, not just sales organizations, require skills training programs aimed at serving both customers and colleagues. A management training program to teach coaching skills becomes the most critical program in this quadrant.
  • Successional – Resist the temptation to rely solely on annual performance reviews. Your employees desire opportunities to demonstrate they are leadership candidates. Leader development programs come in all shapes and sizes. Start something today.

Gallup’s recent report “State of the American Workforce” says 51% of employees polled admitted they don’t feel engaged. In other words, half of your employees likely believe you’re not doing enough to make them feel valued or supported in their job.

What will you do differently in 2019?

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