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In Search of Answers

by | May 8, 2019 | Engage CPM

Training is about exploring change. It’s one of the most powerful ways to change the course of your business including everything from employee engagement to financial performance. If searching for the best training solution for your business were a treasure map, what would it look like?   

The first key is to find the right mate, or partner. When choosing a training solution for your business, you’ll want to evaluate partners on four cornerstones of compatibility. For each attribute, ask yourself how the partner will fit with your business’ priorities and needs.

The training solution you choose should be flexible and offer building blocks for cohesive expansion across the organization. You’ll want adaptability and creativity, including pricing that can flex with your budget, scope and timing. For impact, the live classroom will deliver the best outcomes for your investment. Most importantly, solutions must be inclusive of the training tools and materials—license free.

Skill Practice
Children will learn and absorb a great deal of information simply by listening and observing. Adult learning, however, requires repeated skill practice. Increase the skill practice and you’ll increase skill improvement. Skill practice should be present in the classroom and post-classroom. Best practices include brainstorming and role-plays, large and small group projects, individual and team assignments.

Interview your facilitator(s). Too many clients tell horror stories of partnering with a training company who dazzle them during a presentation and proposal, only to hear from training participants afterwards that the facilitator was grossly incompatible to the organization’s vision and principles. With today’s technology, video screenings offer a guarantee that you’ll be more than happy with your facilitator.

A good training partner has referring clients on speed-dial. You’ll want to speak directly with references to hear about their experiences with the program, skill practice, and facilitator. Will it require time and coordination? Absolutely. Gaining insight from current and previous clients helps to ensure the training solution will be compatible and impactful for your business.

What is your plan to enhance employee training and development this year? Are you focused on onboarding? Ready for a strategic look at skills training by position? Is it time for leadership development? A three-year action plan is a great place to start. Ask us how to get started.

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