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Drawing the Line on Device Use in the Workplace

by | Dec 21, 2020 | News Release

We love our devices. At this moment, the Internet is connected to over 20 billion devices. It’s a staggering number when compared to a global population around 7 billion. That’s nearly 3 devices for every person on earth. It goes without saying that all of these devices have an impact within the workplace. Where’s the line on device use, misuse? 

The world has been on a fast track to mobility for years. In 2020, mobility of consumerism exploded when the global health crisis forced reactive change. Our mobile devices became lifelines to everything from access to products, connectivity to services, and of course remote employment.

If you are an operations leader in your organization, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by new demands of technology and mobility of work. We offer these tips for prioritizing operational strategies that support employees needs around use and misuse of devices in the workplace:

  • Cell Phone Policy. Every employee handbook should provide basic policy on the presence and use of mobile devices in the workplace. Do you clearly direct that devices are out of sight and silent when and where customers are served? Do you clearly identify the distinctions and expectations for corporate-owned versus personal device use?
  • Work Device Policy. Beyond phone devices, your employee handbook should also provide policy for use of computer equipment in the workplace—which now may include business location and remote employee locations. Do you have procedures in place regarding installation, maintenance, use and even liability for corporate equipment in remote locations?  

You can support your employees’ adherence to device policy and procedures by creating consistent communication. Many organizations have dramatically reduced infractions of device use by committing to reminders released through broad company communications and/or channeled through managers for discussion during team meetings.

Set a course for success in 2021 by making technology as big of a priority for People Development as you do for Sales Development.

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