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Teams & Teambuilding

by | Aug 13, 2019 | News Release

Every leader in business is looking for the secret to relationship success. The unique dynamics of individuals within a team can be the single most time-consuming part of a manager’s job. Skilled managers use a variety of tools to uncover just the right the level of interaction a team of individuals needs to be their best selves, and best team. 

Yes, fun team-building events set a stage for employee interaction outside of the day to day workplace. Unfortunately, they can fall short of their goal for improved business teaming because forced, casual socializing may or may not appeal to everyone.  

For sustainable success in building positive and productive teams, smart organizations choose manager development over team-building events. Training that leads to managers becoming mastery-level coaches are ones who discover the importance and impact of their role on individuals for team performance.

Beyond knowing unique talent and skills of each individual contributor, a master coach knows what motivates each team member. How skilled are your managers with coaching individuals to excel as part of a team?

Rank your managers’ knowledge and skills with these critical management activities:

Clarifying Expectations. Do employees receive consistent, highly-focused, face-to-face conversations with their managers about expectations?

Track Performance. Do employees consistently receive measurable evidence and conversation about their performance?

Setting Goals. Do employees receive the opportunity to engage in goal setting conversations related to their contributions?  

Planning. Do employees on the team have the opportunity to work on action plans for improved performance and productivity?

Reinforcement. Do employees receive consistent skills training and development to expand their value to the team?

Coaching. Do employees receive an effective balance of quick coaching and formal coaching to achieve individual growth?

Next time someone in your organization suggests a team-building activity, look to manager skill development for teaming. Ask one of our Performance Partners about our flexible and customizable training programs for management skill development.

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