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Client Stories | Bank of Putnam County

Bank of Putnam County

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Client Stories

February 1, 2018 – The Bank of Putnam County has partnered with Center for Practical Management for five consecutive years of high-impact, results-generating employee development across the organization.  

A commitment to employee development at Bank of Putnam County has fostered a culture that celebrates the achievement of mastery skill level within every individual, every team, every branch location. Renowned for exceptional service in the communities they serve, Bank of Putnam County employees are committed to delivering memorable and superior service every day.

Prioritizing employee development for organization success 

“Our staff became sales oriented without ever realizing it, and we are enjoying the benefits every day,” said David Williamson, President and CEO of Bank of Putnam County. “As a result, after our initial agreement matured, we have continued to extend our relationship with Center for Practical Management.”

Bank of Putnam County has figured out that employees thrive when they feel valued, and one of the best ways to value employees is to provide continued learning and development. Now in its sixth year with Center for Practical Management, Bank of Putnam County is hosting Advanced Performance Management, Relationship Management Training, and Referral Excellence Workshops. According to President & CEO Williamson, a transition to an in-house training program is talked about every year—but it simply doesn’t make sense when our teams truly look forward to workshop days with the Center for Practical Management trainers.

More from President & CEO David Williamson “Our program was customized to our own needs and that has been accommodated every step of the way. We found their team to be very well informed, professional, experienced and easy to work with. Our front-line staff completed 15,198 referrals in 2016. Prior to engaging the Center for Practical Management staff, we had only achieved 7,440 in a calendar year. The results that we have achieved are directly attributable to the results of the sessions that they have conducted. I am confident that any organization that is fortunate enough to engage their services will greatly appreciate the impact they will have.” 

The Bank of Putnam County is headquartered in Cookeville, Tennessee, offers 14 full-service branches and two financial service centers.

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