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Social Recruiting: New Talent Acquisition Strategy

Social Recruiting: New Talent Acquisition Strategy

There is a lot of buzz around social recruiting in the past few years. The trend definitely and unequivocally tells us that this is the new way to go when it comes to talent acquisition.

Social recruitment uses non-traditional hiring tactics to promote job openings and attract applicants on social media platforms, blogs and online advertising. Organizations will need to dedicate time, effort and resources in putting together strategies that are aligned to the effective use of social media networks, when it comes to acquiring the right talent. An effective strategy will have clear metrics to measure success through each social media network or channel that is being used.

Involving top executives
Talent acquisition is no longer the sole responsibility of the HR or Recruitment teams. In order to hire the right talent mix for the organization, top executives have to have visibility and involvement in the process at certain stages. While they might enter the talent identification phase after initial interviews and technical rounds are completed, their perspective and evaluation of core talent is absolutely essential since companies are competing for the same set of high potential and high impact individuals.

Engaging employees for referrals
This is a very underrated tool when it comes to recruitment. Existing employees already have an idea of how the organization operates, its culture, its policies and the kind of people that will be a fitment. Not only that, the employees who refer others for roles within their organization are those who believe in the organization itself. Their referral means that they think the company is a good place for those in their networks to join.

Above all, the most important aspect of your hiring strategy should be to always ensure that the HR or Talent Sourcing team stays abreast of the new and creative ways in which they can find the right employees.

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