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Experience is Everything: Achieving Service Excellence

Experience is Everything: Achieving Service Excellence

A recent Walker research study cites evidence that the customer experience will soon
overtake price and product as what’s most important to consumers. Does this mean that
price and product performance will take a back seat? Of course not. But these types of
trending indicators validate the long-held premise that experience is everything and brand
loyalty is at risk.

Successful organizations are taking time to deploy reinventions of the customer experience.
They’re also prioritizing their attention on the individuals who interact with their customers.
Hiring the right talent and providing ongoing support with structured training and
development initiatives is increasingly important throughout an employee’s career with your

For call center teams, you’ll not only want to hire for knowledge and skills (phone etiquette,
computer proficiency, basic customer service skills), but you’ll also want to screen for
candidates who are patient, creative, positive and have strong communication skills. Job
growth for call center professionals is projected to increase 12.6% by 2022.

Along with measuring an employee’s performance by metrics such as response time,
abandonment rate (percentage of people that hang up before someone helps them), or firstcall
resolution, you’ll also want to facilitate ongoing support towards growth and training of
the individual. Reinforcement training activities should always be part of a training and
development initiative for ongoing success and to keep the employee engaged in

Key questions to ask:

  1. Does your hiring protocol ensure that you screen for both verbal and written
    communication skills? With technology rapidly changing how we communicate, both
    are critical to success in a call center role.
  2. Are your managers actively engaged in nurturing their employees’ success?
    Reinforcement activities are ideally suited for regular coaching sessions with
    employees and their supervisor.
  3. What kind of opportunities do you provide for employees to learn cross-selling
    techniques, skills for making proper recommendations, and help setting goals for their
    career? The vitality of every employee’s growth plan will translate to your
    organization’s success.

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